Thursday, March 04, 2010

More from Georgia

A picturesque cat in St. Mary's, where the ferry leaves to go to Cumberland Island. While waiting for the boat, I saw this cat and also a Eurasian collared dove, which are an introduced dove that is apparently common in the South. A few live in Pennsylvania, including a small colony in Franklin County, relatively close to where I grew up. Who knew??? Had to go all the way to Georgia to see one!

Fort Frederica is on St. Simons Island. Its a partially excavated colonial-era fort. The original settlers grew oranges, and some trees have been restored. With no one to eat them, they lay on the ground. I thought the picture looked almost like a selective color shot.

The old streets are marked, too, making a nice perch for this Eastern phoebe. At least that's what I think it is.

Lastly, I wanted to get a nice shot of the stereotypical "look" of the coastal South - a live oak awash with ferns and spanish moss.

This was at Ft. Frederica, too. This little park was a nice surprise - we visited it simply from seeing its name on the map. The open parkland is studded with oaks and oranges and overlooks the river. I thought that it must've been an idyllic place to live, even in past centuries, until I realized that we were there in February, which is well before all the itching, biting, annoying insects come out to play.

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