Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Jersey Birds

I'm trying to break out of winter blogging hibernation, and birds seem like a good way to do it. Last weekend, we went to Barnegat Lighthouse in New Jersey. There's a jetty almost a mile long that stabilizes the northern end of Long Beach Island. You can see it here. For all intents and purposes, this area appears to be a duck magnet:

Ok, ok, this isn't a duck, its a dunlin. Shorebirds seem to like Barnegat just fine, too. The ducks are coming right up - below is a group of six or so Harlequin ducks.

These guys have spectacular plumage. I saw a harlequin duck back in 2005 - I turned around, and there it was, and then it was gone. We got much better looks at them this time. In fact, none of the birds seemed at all concerned about human presence, making for some nice photographic opportunities. I'll post some more soon, maybe :)


Sand said...

Alan and I saw some of those ducks recently. I think we like living near water and seeing all the shore birds and ducks! Now I just have to figure out what they all are called.

Coy said...

This must be the go to place now. Your makes the third blog I have seen to post the harlequin ducks at barnegets this week.

It looks like your new cam is doing a great job.

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kattymiddle said...

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