Friday, February 05, 2010

Live on Location - Cumberland Island, GA

Northern states - I know where all of our robins went! This small clearing on Cumberland Island easily held 300 or more robins. Also in the area were about 100 yellow-rumped warblers and 100 or more cedar waxwings. I got a shot of bluebirds and cedar waxwings sitting side by side in a tree - a first for me!

Cumberland Island borders Kings Bay's Naval Submarine Base, whose specialty is ... submarines, of course! Here's one leaving the base and heading towards points unknown. At one point its hatch opened and people emerged and walked to and fro on its top as it continued its journey.

Armadillos are a common sight on the island, and aren't scared of humans. Nonetheless, they look like something straight out of prehistory or science fiction, but something still vaguely cute.

A walk on the beach side of the island revealed some great birds, including American oystercatchers ...

... and royal terns, among others that might show up in future posts.


Mrs. Salty said...

So many birds, you must have been smiling as you took pictures!
To see an armadillo is amazing to me and I like the submarine picture too!

We are having a blizzard in PA, it's beautiful here!

Coy said...

Ha! you sure dodged the big one, good timing. You'll be back home before the robins but they will be on the way back before long.

With the storm coming in we decided to scrub our excursion Friday.

Sandra Henderson said...

great photos! When the painted buntings come, I'll post a photo here:

Kamiyana Home said...

very nice photo, i ilke photograf but i dont have a good camera. but you have good talenta.