Thursday, November 27, 2008

Taking Our Turkey on the Road

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, we took our turkey on the road - to Detroit for some sightseeing and the Thanksgiving Day football game between the Lions and the Titans. In the morning we visited Belle Isle, a park on an island in the Detroit River, which separates the USA from Canada. Downtown Detroit is on the right, Windsor, Canada, is on the left.

Canada geese were everywhere, but I just had to stop here and take a picture of Canada geese with Canada itself in the background.

Then, on to the football game. The Lions have not been having a good season, and they were playing a very good team, the Titans. So the result was as to be expected, but, this was my first pro football game experience, and we still had a great time!

Some play action with the ball - go Lions go!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fall Farmland

I couldn't let it go one full month without a post, although I'm cutting it close! Suffice it to say, I'd be happy if I never had to paint another, well, anything, again in my life (nevermind that there's still a good bit of painting to be done ... grrrrr) :)

In any case, I was able to ditch my chores and sneak back to my parents' house a few weekends ago, where I got to slink around a few real backcountry areas with Dad, and look for some prime fall photos.

Although the sunny early morning sky quickly changed over to clouds, we were still able to find some good opportunities.