Friday, March 19, 2010

Middle Creek morning

I met up with my Dad and my Uncle at Middle Creek on Thursday morning for a beautiful few hours with the waterfowl.

Ironically, though, my best photos were not of ducks, swans, or geese at all. Tree swallows, bluebirds and red-wing blackbirds all tend to hang out on the wire fencing prevalent in Middle Creek. This time we were able to roll up to a swallow and get a few shots before it spooked.

And during that tremendous sunrise, with honking all around, one song sparrow grabbed a high perch and kept its song up against all the bigger bird noises.

And finally ...

**** Caution: Men at Work ****


Coy said...

That was a fun morning, so glad you were able to share it. Your sunrise shot is awesome!! I guess I was just too lazy to pop on a wider lens :)

Misty Dawn said...

Wonderful post, and I laughed out loud at that last shot! I just found you through your dad's blog. I've been a fan of your dad and Coy for a very long time now. And, now I'm adding you to my list of faves too!

Kerri said...

Beautiful Captures!!! That sunrise is breathtaking!

~Brenda said...

I like your new header, adding the “e” to your name works perfectly! I also like your photos of the birds and sunrise but, especially of Coy and Willard “working”!

A.K.A. Mrs. Salty