Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Windy with a chance of wind

We thought our first few days here were windy - until we experienced the last two days! The wind was constantly blowing between 15-20 mph and gusts were to 30 mph and above.

That being said, we did spend time in one place where the wind could not reach: Carlsbad Caverns. Cave pictures are hard to take without a lot of gear I don't have, but I managed a few that are ok. Its also hard to get a sense of scale in the caverns - below you can can see the handrail to the paved trail. The columns are pretty big!

But this little area is no more than 3 or 4 feet high, and packed full of delicate formations. If memory serves, it was called the Doll's Theater.

After the cave, we returned to our sojourn in the winds of west Texas. We spent two nights at Guadalupe Mountains National Park's campground at Pine Springs. Last night, I had a dream that we were part of a military experiment to see how tents withstand winds!

Thankfully, ours held up well and we were able to take a morning hike. In the distance you can see the signature landmark of the Guadalupe Mts, the large rock outcrop called El Capitan.

Lastly, our entire trip has been under the light of a more or less full moon. We have been able to operate outside at night without any other source of light, and the moonlit landscape is eerie and awesome, to boot.


Willard said...

I am really enjoying the photos. I especially like the last three. That moon is awesome.

I haven't showed them to Mom yet, I must remember to do so this evening.

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~Brenda said...

Love the moon shot, the cavern photos are cool. I can tell you are enjoying your trip!

Sand said...

when was this trip?