Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tern Time on Cumberland Island

While we were traipsing around Cumberland Island last month, we found two types of terns. This is a royal tern:

And this is a Forster's tern:

Here's cedar waxwings on palm trees. Kind of funny, for a bird I'm used to seeing in the dead of winter, usually eating holly berries or something similar. There were quite a few waxwings around.

Here's one of the trails in the "Sea Camp" area of the island. Just a little down the trail is an actual campground. As we walked through the campground, we noticed many birds: numerous cedar waxwings, a common yellowthroat, some type of wren, and a very close encounter with what was probably a ruby-crowned kinglet.

The trail marker wasn't upright, but it was still picturesque, earlier hikers had decorated it with shells.

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Mrs. Salty said...

The terns look a little chilly standing at the waters edge.
I especially like the trail photo with the moss on the trees, very picturesque.