Friday, March 21, 2008

Trailside Sights

A last set of pictures from the York Rail Trail hike we took last weekend:

I was surprised to see turtles hanging out on a branch in the stream. One hopped down before I could get this shot off. This was at full zoom, crouched on the ground, shooting under a bush, so it is not the best :)

Some remnants of last autumn's berries. Guess the birds missed these.

And finally, a tree root growing down through a rock outcropping.

Stop by tomorrow for something of a surprise!


oldmanlincoln said...

Nice photographs, Ash. It looks like you had some sunshine to work with too. I hope we get some here where I live.

I hope you and your family have a happy Easter weekend.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Old Wom Tigley said...

Nice set of pictures Ash.. we have turtles in certain ponds over here now. They are not native but ones that have been bought as young pets when 'Teenage Ninja Turtles' were all the rage. The grew to big for the small tanks and the must have been let out. I'm surprised they have survived here.
When I come across berries such as these it makes me wonder how the birds missed them, or maybe some would have been lying in wait near such berries ready to have a bird meal.
I love the tree and rocks.. in shows how much effort a tree can put in to get its roots down.. I also like this shot for the colours and textures.

Where ever you find yourself this Easter time have a great time.