Monday, March 24, 2008

Harbingers of Spring

My grandmother was a dedicated gardener, and her garden always had a healthy percentage devoted to flowers. But the flowers weren't limited to the garden. Over the years, she planted crocus bulbs throughout the yard of the house, mostly at the bases of the large catalpa trees that ring the house.

Much has changed, but still quite a few crocuses were peeping up through the grass this weekend. As a kid, finding these out in the yard was as good as finding easter eggs!


Old Wom Tigley said...

As Good As Finding Easter Eggs..

Ash I had a lump in my throat when you said that.. I cannot think of a nicer tribute to anyone who as ever planted flowers than them words. Wordsworth and his Daffs came to mind. :O)

Salty said...

Thanks Amy for this post. Although Mom has been gone nearly eight years her flowers remain to remind us of the days when she was here to enjoy them with us.

Soon it will be time for me to agin plant her canas in my garden in rememberance of a truly wonderful mother.

Moi said...

what a sweet tribute to such a thoughtful person ...........and a beautiful image too!