Monday, March 03, 2008

Double Trouble in New Jersey

No, I didn't get into any trouble :) We visited Double Trouble State Park last weekend. Double Trouble is in the Pinelands area of New Jersey. The Pinelands are very different from the heavy industry and thousands of homes that most people think of when they think "Jersey." Double Trouble is the name of a very small town that is now deserted, but was once devoted to mining, then lumbering, then cranberrying. Several bogs still exist and are harvested by the State.

A small group of mallards was enjoying the shallow water of the bog. The reddish vegetation is cranberry plants.

This is the view looking from the cranberry packing shed down across three bogs:

And here is a close up of the plants themselves. You can still see a few berries hanging around.

We learned that the cranberry plants are grown in bogs that are flooded in the fall, which eases the harvest because the berries float to the top. The water is kept in the bogs through winter to protect the plants from frost. These bogs are still worked more as a cultural aspect of the state park, but large commercial growers have bogs in the area, too. As you drive through the Pinelands, you can see large collections of these bogs, interspersed with lots of pines, and large fields of blueberries. I need to come back to this area during harvest time!


Sand said...

Yes, that dot from Pueblo was me!!! I have to keep tabs on you somehow.

first day went pretty good, but all paperwork, no real work. that starts...well, am not sure when.

Shionge said...

Ahhhhhh New Jersey :D Don't think I pass by here but it is certainly great to be HERE - Ash's World :D

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Ash.. so that's a Cranberry plant.. I love the berries but never give them much thought... seem like a lot of work goes into them before a spead them on my Turkey.
I think the area sound a great place to explore as well.

Anonymous said...

Neat photographs.

Salty said...

I love the shot from the packing shed. It a perfect postcard shot!

I'm glad to see you got some good bird shooting in. Chad & I had a blast in Fl. now I'm back home and am trying to recoup from being hard hit by the flu bug.