Sunday, March 23, 2008

Parks are Super!

My friend Sandy and I really enjoy the ABC Wednesday and SkyWatch Friday group posts that many of our bloggisphere friends take part in, and it sparked a little idea in our heads.

Now if you've kept up with either one of our blogs, I'm sure you know that we like to get out and about and travel. And that both of us are incurable National Park junkies :)

Something you may not know is that we both have lots and lots of pictures from parks that we've been itching to post, and now, we've decided to give ourselves an excuse to post park pictures every week:

I'm not sure how the other groups are managed, or how everyone keeps up with everyone else who posts, but I'm imagining this as a really informal group. If you want to come and visit and see what parks we have up on a particular Saturday, that's great. If you want to use the emblem and post your own park pictures on Saturday, that's great, too! If you want to make your own emblem and post your own park pictures, why not?!? [NOTE: After some helpful comments from other posters, I am trying out the Mr. Linky system ... look for it at the very end of the post! Big thanks to those who suggested it.]

I'm planning on posting shots from National Parks all the way down to neighborhood parks. As long as its public land, its fair game :)

If you would like to join us, I will keep a "master list" of folks who are posting park pictures, until the point when (if it ever does) it gets complicated enough that we need a better organizational thingamajiggy :)

Since I wanted to start things out with a bang (or maybe I should say, splash!) here's my first park shot:

This is a geyser in Yellowstone National Park, which, to risk sounding 13 years old, is my favorite park EVER :) It isn't Old Faithful, but it was within spitting distance of it. Its name escapes me now.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds like a master idea but, unfortunately, I have never been in a National Park in my life so I would not be able to participate.

Shucks, Ash, I am sorry.

You can see a map of where I live on my brookville blog and how I plan to spend some of my royalty check.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Ash... I will call by each Saturday to see how this goes... if you need a Linky thing let me know or simply google Mr Linky. I looked forward to seeing the many parks which will be posted.. I found the comment.. "in spitting distance" very funny.

SandyCarlson said...

This is a wonderful idea. Here in Connecticut we have many parks that are modest but beautiful.

Some of the folks who host memes like the one you're proposing use Mr. Linky, which is an easy way to connect people who are participating. I see Old Wom Tigley has already said that. I'll be back to see what you have. In fact, I'll add your blog to my blogroll so I don't forget.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless.

Sand said...

Okay, so I added myself...this is so exciting. Nice first photo by the way!

Moi said...

cool new theme for Saturdays.....I'm gonna enjoy your series, i am sure.

Ash, we are planning to make a trip to Yellowstone, this Memorial weekend. Did you fly to a nearest airport to get there? if yes, which one do you suggest? Ideally, we'd love to drive up to the park....but there seems to be not enough time for I guess we'll fly over.....perhaps to idaho falls???

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Not a whole lot of National Parks where I am.......but I do go to a lot of state parks on the weekends.....this is a neat idea :o)