Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In Flight

This is the short clip I promised in my last post. I wasn't taping when the geese first took flight, but I was looking right at them, and I still wonder how that many geese decided to take off at the same moment.

Please let me know if the video isn't functioning properly.

ETA: I tested it out on my own computer, and I apologize, the video is very grainy, which makes it hard to see the birds! But if you have your sound turned on, you can still hear them talking :)


funda said...

Hello I am from Turkey I see your blog.I dont speak good english but Just I visite your pages.All photos are very good

Old Wom Tigley said...

It showed up fine.. what a sight and sound that must have been.. well caught.

Shionge said...

I am just too overwhelmed by this clip and oh what a beautiful sight...only in America I bet :D

Thank you....your title for this is "In Fligth" - Cool! I had my Inflight Meal in my latest post though ;)