Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Belated Super Parks: Urban Spaces

Yeah, yeah, I know its Wednesday, not Saturday :) But I owe you all a couple of park posts, and I thought maybe a break from national parks would be refreshing. So here are a few shots I took this last Saturday from public spaces in New York City:

This fountain was tucked away among large planters close to Rockefeller Center. I've only been to NYC once before, and I don't know how I failed to notice the many many artistic details that abound. My excuse is that it was dark outside on my first trip :)

I never thought to get the above picture in NYC, but it was easy in Central Park. A wider angle and a glance upward reveals the office buildings of midtown Manhattan.

There are a few water features in Central Park, and they are creatively named. This is The Pond, and there's also The Lake and The Reservoir :)

I hope to have a few more New York posts here soon, but we're going to the beach this weekend, so I might be distracted :)


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Sounds like you're having a blast Amy! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your New York Images!

I definitely want to go there sometime and photograph.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent pictures.. I never realised how nice the park I've heard so much of in films is.. great post Ash.

chapmand1952 said...

Great shots Ash. I believe the pointed building in the background of the 3rd shot was featured in the Ghost Busters film.

Gretchen said...

What a great set of photos. I would never have guessed the bird was in NYC.

SandyCarlson said...

These are wonderful, refreshing shots of the Big Apple.

Moi said...

lol @ the creative names :)
and second pic could have been in you to bring a different facet of NYC to us......I love NYC. the city has such life glad you had such a good time there!