Friday, April 25, 2008

SPS goes Black and White

Sandy has been doing her best to convince you all that Bryce Canyon is the best place ever, so I am feeling the need to lob a few more Yellowstone shots out there :)

A ranger told us that this elk had been fighting fairly heavily the day before, and was probably resting on this day. He was tucked away in the remnants of a marble terrace, out of the sight of other bulls. The ranger told us that many elk like to hang around the hot springs formations in the cooler weather, because of the heat the springs provide.

These three shots were all taken in and around Mammoth Hot Springs, on the northern edge of the park, back in fall of 2005. I remember learning that this area is like an "inside-out" cave, because the hot water seeps out of the ground and deposits marble (travertine, I think?) in terrace-like formations as it evaporates. The entire area is enchanting.

I found that I had five or six shots that, for whatever reason, looked average in color, but really appealed to me in black and white. I will have to share the other three shots next week :)


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Ash
All these shots looked great in B & W
I look forward to seeing the rest.

Sand said...

WOW! I love the B&W!! Yellowstone is awesome! I am planning to head there soon! Perhaps, I will get some shots as good as these!

Sand said...

P.S. I totally stole your idea for the label to the side for SPS promotion!

The Chorister Academy said...

I'm lovin' the B&W, too! That elk is quite the man in his corner for the time being.

Swamp Thing said...

Outstanding pictures!