Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doggie Day & Other Sights

It was Fala Day (aka Doggie Day) at Hopewell Furnace, which meant that admission was free and puppies were welcome. The day is in honor of Fala, one of the more famous of presidential pets. Fala was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's beloved scottish terrier. Doggie-oriented activities were the order of the day.

There were a pair of horses in the park. They were extremely even-tempered, and were happy to meet-and-greet with the dogs in the park.

Here's a better shot of one horse by itself. A park ranger was nearby at all times, but the horse was content to stand and be petted. This guy was huge!

Here is a scene from inside one of the reconstructed worker's homes at Hopewell Furnace. The items in this house were reproductions that you could freely handle.

I guess I should've explained that Hopewell Furnace was an early ironworks that produced cannon and stove parts, among other things, before and after the American Revolution. Several of the buildings are still standing and are open to the public.

And I'll leave you with an early spring bloom we found in the woods. I'm not sure what type of flower it is, but it was brave to be out so early!


Moi said...

a beautiful day outside, am sure. and the delicate pink bloom's like the icing on the cake :)

oldmanlincoln said...

Your photos are really nice. I liked the face off with the dogs and horses.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Ash..
These are very good.. I like how you make an effort to go to many different place and show them off here as well. This seems a very interesting place and must hold some history.


imac said...

A great day by the looks of it also great photos.