Tuesday, April 22, 2008

... & Blooms

Dad and I spent some time Saturday morning, looking for wildflower shots. We stopped over at Salty's place first, taking shots of a few of his ornamental shrubs. This first is my best shot of the cherry blossoms.

This next picture is cardinal bush. I've always been fond of it, due to its color. I'm happy to have a few nice photos of it now :)

And lastly, we went to a little area in the woods were wildflowers were peeping up. We found plenty of rue anemone, dutchman's breeches (shown below), spring beauty, trout lilies, and one small patch of hepatica.

I'll have to post a few more of these, as the week passes.


Old Wom Tigley said...

These are so god Ash.. I look forward to seeing more

Moi said...

love them.........simple and beautiful :)

Sand said...

Its that time....time for wildflowers! good luck with the hunt! you seem to do be doing well already with they great shots!

Salty said...

Hah, and I didn't catch you snooping around :) Nice work Amy