Friday, December 07, 2007

Thanks Everybody - Its a Beech!

Anybody know what kind of tree these leaves belong to? I am curious to find out.

It may not be a native tree. We found it in the woods, but close to an old stone foundation. So it might've provided shade for the yard in years long passed. Something kept it from being logged, it was by far the largest tree around.

ETA: I don't think anyone will be logging it anytime soon, although some people would probably love to get their mitts on it - the tree is now on state park property :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, it sure looks like a Beech. And Beech trees are native to Ohio. And they also have a tiny nut that is kinda covered with stickers and the squirrels and other wildlife love them.

It certainly looks like a Beech to me. From the shape of the tree, and its height, and it bark and the leaves look exactly like Beech.

veronic@ said...

Hola! soy veronica de Argentina. En realidad no se que árbol es pero te felicito por tus fotos.

Salty said...

I referred your pics to my local horticulture expert at work and he though it was beech also.

See ya at Christmas!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Ash
It's 3 in the morning, just got up to have a hot drink and catch up on a blog or two.
We have lots of beech trees over here.. I have posted loads of pictures of them myself... but theres a collage here I did of my friends pictures.. check the top row out for the same leaves.

Me said...

I would not be the one to confirm that it is a beech tree, but I will say this... Please stop talking about what a wonderful, big tree it is... or someone will decide they must make a houseful of furniture out of it! :D
Nice pictures, wonderful to see a tree like that. I miss trees.

Kerri said...

I have no idea what kind of tree it is except to say it is the kind that is BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful shots....that bottom one takes my breath away!

photowannabe said...

If Abraham and your Uncle say its a beech tree then it must be so. Great shots.