Sunday, December 30, 2007

Browns & Greens

From two very different climates:

Browns along the Pennsylvania Turnpike last month, on our return trip from Dayton (same trip as the Cloud post ... I was entertaining myself taking pictures out of the window).

Greens in Arches National Park last May, a desert wonderland. I took the pictures because, in each case, different shades of one particular color caught my eye. I'm also trying to pair pictures up, and I'll have a few more sets for you all here shortly :)


Moi said...

those browns remind me of all that i love chocolates and mocha :)
wish you and yours a great new year ahead ASH!!! :)

Kerri said...

Very pretty! Those trees in the first shot remind me of what we have here right now....and you did really good shooting from the window!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2008 :)

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated when I see people going through the area and who visited Dayton, or Englewood or some other local area. Nice photos but then most of your photos are nice.

Happy New Year.

Mike said...

What a compare and contrast photo. Didn't you just love Arches? A bit crowed, but then you could go to Canyonlands a few miles away and get away from the crowds.

Hope you have a great New Year.