Monday, November 26, 2007

Vintage Wallpaper and a Fond Farewell

I hope all had a nice, safe time this last Thanksgiving week. We are doing fine, although of course the deer is not. While the car had a great run (its 18 years old!), this straw has broken the camel's back, and it will be traded in this weekend for a new model. It's not even my car, but its really grown on me. I'm going to miss it!

In other news, I had one of those "So THAT's what that button does" moments, and figured out how to make collages with Picasa :)

We went to the Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP while we were visiting Justin's parents. I was very impressed with the Visitor's Center located next to the Wright Brothers' Cycle Shop. The exhibits were interactive and really attention-getting. You could push a button to make an engine run, and a life-sized propeller spin. Plus there was a recreation of a corner grocery store, with mannequins that talked to you. The upstairs was done up as rooms of a house, and each room had ornate wallpaper in what I assume are vintage patterns. Even the ceilings were papered. Needless to say, I was fascinated.


Anonymous said...

I guess you must be or were in the neighborhood. I read your post with interest and can honestly say I have not been where you were. I have been to the Air Force Museum and that's about it. Have some photos of that place on my website.

Me said...

Very cool post. That must be one heck of a button!! I think I might have to get me one of them! Sounds like a good time in Dayton. I remember seeing the Wright Brothers memorial at Kitty Hawk, where they flew the first one. Neat stuff!

imac said...

Very interesting post.

Monet's Garden now showing

Willard said...

That's a good collage and no that's not "Ansel"! I'll bet that beast would scare poor Ansel to death!

Kerri said...

Great Collage Ash!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Never mind the museum ha! what a great collage.. no stopping you now Ash. I still go in houses where the cealing is papered. That paper was normally a lot thicker and would hide cracks. These designs are true classics and will keep coming and going back into fashion.
Over here there seems to be a
1970s print pattern revival at the moment... I never thought I'd see that come back.
Ash thank you for all you comments yesterday, and for the concern shown. I'm back up and about now but still taking it easy.. Once again Thank you.

Salty said...

Cool, a very nice collection of wallpapers!

Too bad about the car hopefully the next one will last another 18yrs but it probably won't. Hopefully we will see you around soon chasing your mothers tweety birds with your cam

Moi said...

those are real neat wallpapers...and collage is the best way to show them around......:)

I really wish i could help you with the name of the birds on my Lake Okeechobee post, but my knowledge of birds will barely fill the back of a stamp :(

Moi said...

sad for the deer and the car...but am glad you all are safe

lv2scpbk said...

I haven't figured out yet how to do that on the computer, but I really haven't tried either.

imac said...

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