Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sweet Side of the FFFF, part I

After Salty's post, I can understand how some might get the wrong idea about the Fulton Fall Folk Festival ... but I have a softer, sweeter side to show you:

The FFFF Parade is a Saturday tradition. When I was in marching band in high school, we dreaded this parade because it seemed like miles and miles of tractors signed up for it and slowed things down.

But one of the great things about it, for kids, is that people in the parade toss out candy along the way. The auto parts store where my Mother works, and where we normally watch the parade, is right next to the fairgrounds, where the parade ends. It was hit or miss to be a kid watching at NAPA. Some of the folks had run out of candy. They had thrown to all the kids who had the sense to sit closer to the beginning of the parade route. But those that had candy left over, those were the best, because they'd toss out great big handfulls to the last kids along the route. I guess it all evened out it the end :)

We watched from a different vantage point this time. These tykes were right in the middle of the route, and were having a great time stuffing all the tootsie rolls and smarties into the bag provided by Mom.


Heidi said...

This photo is sweet and really well done!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I like to see parades, but I've never come across one where sweets are trown.. mores the pity.
I bet th kids love this.

Kerri said...

Ahhhh the memories! We used to go to parades when I was a kid..... and the candy would come flying down like rain. I loved it! What a cute post.... looks like he's helping her get the candy.... brotherly love!