Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Perspective and History

On the way to Cape Henlopen State Park this weekend, we were diverted off of this bridge onto a secondary road. The only good thing about the horrendous traffic was the opportunity to grab a photo or two. This was shot straight out of the car window :)

During WWII, most of Cape Henlopen State Park was Fort Miles. The U.S. government fortified strategic positions along the east coast, preparing for potential German attack. Fort Miles guarded the entrance to Delaware Bay. The chimney in the picture above rises from a casemate, a large underground storage locker for ammunition. Casemates were covered with sand and native vegetation in order to deceive enemy subs offshore. Today, remnants of Fort Miles are littered across the sand dunes.


Sand said...

So I was just there, that was the first beach I went to while in Delaware. Are you stalking me?

Chad Oneil said...

Love that first one.