Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Layer Cake

This is in Great Sand Dunes NP, in Colorado. I like this picture because of the layering of different textures: tree silhouettes, sand, foothills, and mountains. One of the reasons I like camping is because views like these greet you in the morning while blaring neon signs and tourist traps are conspicuous only in their absence. But after several days of camping, I'll wade through tourists hip deep to get a hot shower!

Thanks, Chad, for getting me back to my blog ;)


Chad Oneil said...

No problem ;)

This is really great!

Sand said...

This one is just fantastic! we have got to get together for photo-talk day!

Moi said...

you know what it remidns me of, Ash???

Tiramisu!! lol!!

Lovely pic ...love the varied colors and the beauty of the place u have managed to capture here