Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Afternoon History Lesson

We ran out this afternoon to Chiquies Rock, a county park just down the road. Here you can see a lot of history crossing the Susquehanna. The bridge in the distance carries Rt. 462 across the river. While its the prettier bridge, you can't see a thing as you cross it. The nearer bridge is the newer, helping Rt. 30 on its way across the nation. While its not as architecturally interesting, the view from it is far superior. In the middle, you can barely make out abutments that no longer hold any type of structure. As I understand it, prior to the Civil War, these supports held up the world's longest covered bridge, over one mile long. The bridge was burnt by locals during the war to prevent enemy troops from crossing the river. After that, several railroads used the same foundation, but now, no mode of transporation uses the old rock foundations.
Here you can see some of the farmland and small town-type landscapes of eastern Pennsylvania. You can actually spot where I live, just in front of the blue water tower in the upper middle part of the photograph. Even after writing a thesis about preserved farmland, I never expected to live right in the middle of some very dense patches of preserved farmland. While I don't know if it is preserved or not, a farm right down the road provides us with very interesting smells most days!

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