Sunday, December 17, 2006

Playing Catch Up

Its been a while since I've had internet at home, so I'm catching up on my blogging. Inspired by my Uncle's archived frost photo, I'm adding two pictures from the last time I've really seen snow: March 2006, on the Olympic peninsula in Washington. Both are from my friend Sandy, who graciously copied all of her pictures for me after mine were lost. Having lived in Tennessee for the last five years, I've had to travel elsewhere for any taste of true winter weather. Now that I'm back in Pennsylvania, it seems like I've brought the Tennessee-style winter weather with me!
This is a temperate rainforest in Olympic National Park. We were actually there on Sandy's birthday, and we were both extremely interested to see snow in a rainforest. While the unsettled weather made for some interesting photo opportunities, I would love to go back when the rain and snow stays away for more than an hour at a time!


Salty Dawg said...

Beautiful! Welcome back to the bloggisphere!

Chad Oneil said...

Great stuff, Amy.