Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Midnight Marauders

This last weekend, Ansel (the cat) alerted us to some activity outside the dining room window at Mom's house: bandits at the bird feeders!

I have never seen a flying squirrel up close and in person before. They are not shy when peanuts are at stake. We were at the window, talking loudly and shining a flashlight - we even opened it slightly, about two feet away from them - and it didn't slow the thievery at all. The cat was about to burst :) I got the photos by going out on the deck and leaning out around the corner of the house.

Here you can see the extra skin that stretches along their sides, enabling them to glide from perch to perch. I have to admit, the squirrels are the quintessential "cute" animals - fuzzy bodies, gigantic eyes, endearing antics. But, when they started scurrying up and down the chimney at lightning speed, they looked like dark flying shadows and came across as something out of a scary movie :)


Chad Oneil Myers said...

What a rare encounter!

Very cool.

chapmand1952 said...

Unique photo's to be sure.

Love the new logo!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Never seen these ever before.. you have got my interests going now and I'm off to read about them..


Salty said...

Wow! I haven't seen one of these little guys in years! Maybe they are all hanging out at the bird feeder :)