Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fulton Flora & Fauna

Some more photos from our last stay at my parent's:

Alert deer heads emerging from a field is a classic Fulton County scene.

This flower probably has an official name, but we always knew it as Butter-and-eggs. I guess that name comes from the colors of the flower. I like the smell of the plant - not the flower, but the foliage.

Chicory could be called a roadside weed, but it is also one of the reasons that blue is my favorite color. I was always frustrated by the fact that chicory blooms only last for about half a day, and fade quickly when cut. I just had to view them in their natural habitat :)

And here's how I took advantage of Mom & Dad's hummingbird portrait studio. These little guys were fascinating to watch!


chapmand1952 said...

I'm partial to the deer pic... we have deer families come onto our street in the mornings when the crab apple trees start to drop their fruit. Jittery creatures and difficult for me to get close enough for a decent picture.

Great photo's Ash!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

The deer image reminds me of an encounter I had on the big hill behind my parents house during my last year of high school. Very cool.

Moi said...

oh i love the chicory pic.......i see them all the time around and have been meaning to have a pic some day....i think i will tonight :)