Monday, September 17, 2007


I live in an area famous for its large Amish population. My uncle, knowing this, wondered why I hadn't posted on this theme yet. Two reasons: One, most Amish find that being photographed is a violation of the Biblical restriction against graven images, and two, because tourists pester them constantly and I feel guilty adding to an already serious annoyance. We were in the southern part of the county, in the car, when I took this picture. The Amishman was not inconvenienced by this shot, and remains unidentifiable, so I feel relatively guilt-free over this photo.
Because farmland is scarce, many of the younger generation of Amish have gone into woodworking. Most still work with their hands, using traditional methods and hydraulic tools. Some even work for regular "English" construction crews. ("English" is the term used locally to mean non-Amish folks.) Many congregations allow the use of modern technology, such as cellular phones, computers, calculators, and other electronic equipment, as long as the item is a tool needed to do a job. Such items are always prohibited in the home, and cannot be used outside the context of work. Needless to say, how the Amish deal with the modern world is fascinating.

For more information on the Amish and photographs, go here. For general information, here is a good start.


Chad Oneil said...

That's very sad that they don't believe in photographs :(

Photographs can bring glory to God. They really capture His handywork anyway.

Man couldn't had invented the camera without the provision of knowledge given by God.

Good shot, Amy.

Kerri said...

Thanks for the link on your site!
I have added a link to you on mine as well.

The Amish are fascinating. They probably learn their skills at a very young age, no video games and TV to distract them. A simple lifestyle yet with such a meaningful life.

Mrs. Salty said...

I have learned some new things about the Amish after reading your post.
You did a good job of capturing this Amish man without intruding upon his Biblical beliefs.
How the Amish can continue living their lifestyle in the 21st Century is amazing to me.

Sand said...

You forgot to mention the Amish midgets! oh wait...little people!

Salty said...

Good shot and thanks for posting. I do beleive they are taking the "Graven Image" thing a bit far when it comes to photographs but we must respect their beleifs, although I must admit sneaking a shot now and then :)

Shionge said...

I have no idea at all about this community and you have raised my awareness now, thank you :D

Mike said...

I love the way you captured this picture Ash.

Moi said...

i had no idea that they are averse to being photographed...thanks for sharing it , Ash