Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Carved in Stone

Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado is well known for the many stone dwellings that cling to its cliffsides. Surprisingly, these are the only petroglyphs the public can readily access. The meaning behind these symbols is ultimately unknown, although modern-day tribespeople have made interpretations. Their permanence intrigued me; they've lasted for centuries.

What words and ideas are important enough that you would carve them in stone?


Salty said...

It certainly leads one to ponder!

Imagine the day far into the future when English is a forgotten language........ An unusual discovery! Sculptures of men in strange clothing holding what appear to be some strange weapons and with unknown inscriptions upon the bases of the monuments.......... Our imagined future archeologist has just "discovered" Gettysburg

Hmmm it does make one think

Great post!

ASH said...

Good point! It also made me wonder how far into the future our technology-dependent blogs will survive. I'm the type of person that thinks it takes a "hard copy" of something to last - and even that's no guarantee!

Shionge said...

I am just as curious too Ash...hmmm... ;)

KMF said...

hi asha nice panoramic post and informative, thanks for sharing with us

Chad Oneil said...

Cool post.

To answer your question, I would write something about Christ. Something proclaiming who He is.

Salty said...


Love the header!! Looks like you are learning a lot of "Down & Dirty Tricks"

Chad's Mom said...

I love the new header!

Willard said...

That is an excellent shot and the new header is "awesome"