Monday, April 09, 2007

April 9: Dutchman's Breeches

I think the Easter snows caught everyone by surprise, even the wildflowers. As I was in Ohio this weekend, we took the opportunity to explore Glen Helen. Glen Helen is a park/preserve owned by Antioch College in Yellow Springs. Justin had told me about it quite a while ago, because his Mother took him there often when he was little and he has fond memories. However, about two months ago, Outdoor Photographer ran a one-page feature on Glen Helen. It was a certain pro photographer's "secret spot" where good photo opportunities could always be found. That certainly piqued my interest!

As you'll see on my posts today and tomorrow, the snowfall created an "enchanted forest" effect. The flowers get their name because the blooms look like pants, or breeches, hanging upside down from a clothesline.


Chad Oneil said...

I get "Outdoor Photographer" and "Shutterbug". There used to be one called "Photographic" that I thought was even more informational and instructional for people like us, but it was done away with. The same people own "Shutterbug".

Salty Dawg said...

"Cool" shot, in more ways than one :) You have a gift with wildflowers!