Sunday, March 25, 2007

Look Who's Come Out to Play

Does anyone know what kind of snakes these are, and what they're up to?

They were small, hardly a foot long from tip to tail. Their patterns looked different from a distance. Then I zoomed in on the picture, and it may just be that one snake has a darker version of the same pattern. They stayed near each other, sometimes entwined, for the few minutes we were watching. I need help from an experienced woodsman (that's you or HTP Video, Salty Dawg!) :)


htpvideo said...

Excellent pictures. I am almost certain that the snakes are Ribbon Snakes.

Chad Oneil said...

They were probably getting ready to "mate" ;)

Corker2 said...

From the picture you took, they are Garder Snakes. Seen them a number of times in the woods. They will bite if handled, but will not harm you.