Saturday, March 24, 2007

And the Prize Goes to ...

I'm not as puzzling as I thought - I have two correct answers already on my "Figure This Out" post.

I was in Sequoia National Park, inside a long-ago fallen sequoia, focusing on a much smaller tree outside. The flash lit up the mossy interior of the log, making for the unusual shot. A plaque near the log explained that, throughout its history, it had been used as a shelter, a stable, and a tavern - it was that big! This picture was taken looking down through the length of the fallen log in question. Please ignore the random tourist in the shot :)

For correctly guessing the location of the shot, our winners receive a trip to .... beautiful Atlantic City!!!

Our first stop is for a bit of history:

Absecon Lighthouse is one of the few remaining historic structures in Atlantic City. This is taken looking at the top of the light from the steps of the front porch.

Now, on to some glitz and glam:

Of course Atlantic City is best known today for its splashy casinos. The Taj Mahal certainly was dedicated to its Indian theme, inside and out. The cashier at the Absecon Lighthouse told us that one of the oldest casinos, "The Sands," would soon be demolished to make way for a brand new and even larger casino.

And finally, a stop for some sustenance:

This neon lady is offering up a steaming bowl of "pho." Pho is a Vietnamese soup that comes in a bunch of varieties, depending on the type of meat you order. But all pho seems to have rice noodles, bean sprouts, and fresh herbs/hot peppers/limes to add in once served. We had lunch here - delicious! This was one of the most filling bowls of soup I've ever had!

Hope you had fun ;)

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