Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mustard gone wild

A field splashed with the bright yellow of mustard is sure sign of spring, which I am posting about a month and a half late.

Although beautiful, this area is normally a kind of a no-mans land - the banks of the Codorus Creek where I-83 and U.S. 30 cross on tandem bridges. We were there looking for falcons, but came away with a broad-tailed hawk instead. The blooming mustard under dramatic skies was an unexpected bonus.


~Brenda said...

The green and yellow make a pleasant photo and the white frame adds a nice touch!

sebi_2569 said...


Jack Kung said...

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Anita Jesse said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I wish it hadn't taken so long. One thing is certain: I will be back to make my through additional archives. You have some beautiful work. The photo with the mustard caught my eye and held me. The colors are lovely.

Friend of HK said...

Very pretty colour contrast, beautiful!

Steve Finnell said...


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Haddock said...

Do they extract mustard oil?