Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Backyard Surprises

We bought this house in September of last year, at the very end of the growing season. The yard hadn't been maintained in probably a year, and was looking pretty rough. After cutting out a lot of the yucky stuff, I took the opportunity to plant some fall bulbs. But while I was digging, I kept hitting existing bulbs. So, I knew I was in for some surprises this spring.

These snowdrops were a surprise. There are quite a few popping up. True to their name, they were covered in snow shortly after the first one bloomed. I've also got hyacinths, lots of daffodils, and some things I don't recognize coming up - so more surprises are in store.

Now this one, I think I am responsible for. But, I don't remember what it is. I was thinking grape hyacinth (that's what I remember planting, anyways) but it just doesn't look right. Oh well, a flower is a flower, and these little spring bulbs are so sweet to see after the dreary winter months.


Mrs. Salty said...

Very Spring like; looking forward to warmer weather.

Salty said...

Ah! Flowers, soon the warm breezes of spring will be here. I can't wait!

Catherine said...

Hi Ash! Now those are my kinda surprises! I think the one you are unsure of is called squill they are much smaller than hyacinths~which I love, I have lots of squill~ I love the blue & the little stripes, they are some of the earliest bulbs to bloom & since they are so tiny, I love bringing them in & putting them in very small old bottles,or antique salt shakers~they make very cute small arrangements! And are just as lovely outside!
Enjoy your backyard surprises~share more photos of them ~p l e a s e! :)

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