Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lucy and a New Look

As I bet you've noticed, Ash's Eye is getting something of a facelift. The solid gray background finally just bored me all the way over the edge into hunting for something pre-made and a little "froofier."

Cosmetics aside, meet Lucy the Elephant! She is the largest elephant in the world, so big you can tour her insides. Lucy lives in the oceanside town of Margate, New Jersey. Around the turn of the century, she was built as a gimmick, to attract homebuyers to the growing streets of Margate. Lucy really didn't convince people to buy homes, but she did eventually become the mascot for the town. Soon wooden elephants were all the rage in the beach towns of the mid-Atlantic, and Coney Island had one, as did Cape May, New Jersey.

These copycat elephants were soon lost to history and now only Lucy remains. She sadly fell into disrepair in the 1960s, and was threatened with demolition to make way for condominiums. Townspeople rallied together to raise funds to refurbish Lucy and move her to city-owned property. Lucy is now well-loved and taken care of primarily through the labor of volunteers and the admission fees gathered from those who wish to climb the spiral staircases located in her hind legs. Lucy is now a designated National Historic Landmark. Her story is recapped in a short but interesting movie you get to watch in the room located in her belly.

More photos from Lucy will be forthcoming shortly ...


Sand said...

Lucy is cute, great wedding website, and nice new look for Ash's Eye! you have been busy!

Sand said...


Stroll on over to the boy's blog and look at what the pups did! See if that would bring a smile to your face...He has posted since "the incident" so it should be the second one down, and titled "OMG puppies"!
:) :) :) :) :) :)

Corker2 said...

I happen to come across your Blog. Nice site. I have driven past good ole' Lucy on 2 ocassions, but never stopped to take a real look at her. Lucy is a true attraction for NJ.

Nice to meet you and stay well.

Salty said...

Lucy is one BIG critter!

Great new look for your blog!

Mrs. Salty said...

I love the new look; I can tell you are a scrapbooker! “Lucy” has an amazing story; I’m glad she has been kept around.

I like the wedding count down and have told Chad to look at your blog.

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