Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yellowstone rocks in all sorts of ways ...

I have to admit, Yellowstone is one of my favorite places, if not THE favorite place, I have ever been. Because of my feelings, I have managed to finagle trips there AOAP (as often as possible). This recent trip was my 3rd visit, and it was great to share a place I love, with people that I love, people that had not been to visit before. Each time I visit, I leave feeling like a kid again, thrilled that nature has come up with things I could not have begun to imagine, and I think my travel mates felt the same way.

This trip, we had the luxury of more time to explore, and I used this opportunity to visit places a little more off the beaten path in the park, places I hadn't ever gotten to. One of these places was Harlequin Lake, a small body of water that lies on a ledge above the valley of the Madison River.

Here's the sunset from Harlequin Lake. Mom, Justin, and I took the short trek to Harlequin while Dad was busy with elk. The lake was very peaceful, but we were able to observe a number of ducks, and what was most likely a beaver. A great finish to our first foray into the park!