Friday, May 23, 2008

SPS: "You Have to Post That One!"

When Dad saw this picture of a raven, he told me I just had to post it. So here he is, sitting on a rail fence at a parking area along the drive in Bryce Canyon.

Normally, the ravens are most interested in getting food from people, but this one had just started to scope out our potential as crumb-providers. In another park, I have actually seen someone get a fine for offering food to a raven. Rangers are serious about preventing animals from becoming acclimated to human contact, even beggar birds!

Bryce Canyon is known for its otherworldly rock spires. Here is a close up and a far away view of them.
This last picture was taken from an overlook called Bryce Point. I think I could've sat there all day just looking and drinking it in :)


Old Wom Tigley said...

Ash sometimes.. ha! just sometimes mind, Dads are right.. and this was one of them.. Your Raven capture when enlarged is so good I hope all who visit here check it out. As for the other two pictures. sheer beauties.. I great post Ash and I just love that Raven.

You might find this of interest. There's 6-7 ravens kept in residence at the 'Tower of London' their wings have been clipped so they can't fly away. All because of a superstition from the time of Charles II that claims when there are no longer ravens in the Tower, the kingdom will fall.

There's even a Raven-Master, one of the Yeoman Warders whose job it is to tends the birds, they are well looked after.

Sand said... pretty!!!

Hey you will be interested to hear that Zion these past few days has been freezing cold with serious snow up in the mountain passes...odd huh?

SandyCarlson said...

This is a wonderful photo, Ash. I am wondering about the promise of humans becoming acclimated to wildlife contact. Such possibilities!

Salty said...

You're dad is right! A terrific shot of the raven against an unbeatable background!

I'm enjoying your western trip, hike those steep trails while you are still young!!!

Shionge said...

You snapped Bryce Point beautifully and now I know why my hubby had wanted to make a detour there when we were in Grand Canyon ;)

Raven are fierce huh?

Ex-Shammickite said...

That settles it... next time I'm in that part of USA I'm definitely going to Bryce Canyon.
Great photos!

Rick said...

Wow Ashe...On the go arent ya! Great shots!