Thursday, September 07, 2006

Skylight Cave

Justin and I went to Cumberland Gap about two weekends ago. I work in the small town of Harrogate, which lies just below the gap, and I've been through the park briefly once before. But I got to do some more detailed investigation this time. One of the places we decided to hike, solely based on the name shown on the map, was Skylight Cave. It ended up being a really neat little cave with a large opening at ground level and a smaller opening higher up. It looked like the cave had a skylight. I took this picture from the back of the cave, looking up at the light in the ceiling. It doesn't do it justice; it was such an eerie light.


Chad Oneil said...

I like your Blog! Please come and comment on mine. I have a lot of photographers visiting it and when they see your comment, they will visit yours too!

Salty Dawg said...

Cool! Welcome to the Bloggisphere!
I'm looking forward to see lots and lots of your great pics!! Chad ain't kidding about his photog buddies, he has them from all around the world.

Tim said...


Welcome to the blogger world! Chad sent me a link to your blog. Feel free to visit my blog.

I like the cave shot. It seems like it would have been eerie.
I have been in one cave in my life and it was cool!

Great post!